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Speech Problems Your Orthodontist Can Help

Orthodontic treatment is more than a confident, beautiful smile. It can correct complications with the way you bite or chew, spacing, crowding, and even speech. Did you know that the way your teeth are aligned directly impacts the way you talk? You may have thought that your subtle lisp or whistle is simply part of the way you speak but in fact, this can be changed as well as other speech problems with orthodontic treatment. If you are experiencing one of these speech-related problems, Speaks Orthodontics can help!

Trouble Pronouncing Words

Mispronunciation is a commonly associated with teeth placement. Much of the English vocabulary requires tongue-to-tooth contact to produce sounds correctly. If you struggle to pronounce words containing “s,” “t,” or similar sounds associated with those letters, orthodontic treatment can help place the teeth where they are needed to communicate without a struggle.


Incorrect tongue placement causes most lisping. Frequently, the problem is derived from an overbite where the upper front incisors (front teeth) are too far over the bottom. If you have issues articulating “s,” “z,” and “th” sounds, this could be due to an overbite.


Slurring can be distracting during a conversation. It can make forming words difficult and slow down the speed in which you talk. This is usually due to jaw placement or the structure itself. The tongue needs to be able to move freely, and when it is limited, slurring can occur.


As much as whistling can be fun, it’s not when you are trying to communicate. Whistling can be from gaps in the teeth allowing air to escape through the holes and produce a sound. Braces can be worn to close these gaps as well as other orthodontic options. Next time you whistle, it’ll be to your favorite song!

Speech problems can be extremely worrisome and confidence-breaking. At Speaks Orthodontics, we want you to leave feeling better than ever. If you have any complications with speech, tongue movement, or spaces between your teeth, give us a call today!