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How To Fix A Broken Bracket

Ouch — notice a sharp pain in your mouth? If you wear braces, you might be suffering from a broken bracket. Since these wires are so fragile, a broken bracket is actually one of the most common issues for orthodontic patients. If you notice one of your brackets are broken, follow these three steps!

How To Fix A Broken Bracket On Braces Yourself

First Step…
Check the damage. Is the wire still attached? If so, leave it in place. If it’s sticking out, press it gently back into its position with a cotton swab. Use orthodontic wax to hold the broken bracket in place until you can see your orthodontist. If the bracket is completely loose, they will easily reattach it.

Second Step…
If you have to wait to visit your orthodontist, you can fix the wire yourself. Take a nail clipper and cut any overlong or protruding wires very carefully. To make sure you don’t cut your gums or mouth, press any extra length back to your tooth and cover it with wax.

Third Step…
Once you notice a problem with your bracket, make an appointment to have it repaired professionally (working on it yourself only fixes it temporarily). Notify your orthodontist or your pain level and if you have any parts for the appointment — this will help them be better asses the situation when you arrive.

While you wait for your appointment, rinse your mouth with salt water and eat soft foods to prevent any further damage or pain. Broken brackets don’t always mean a dental emergency, so check your mouth carefully. If you find that you’re in need of urgent care and attention, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Speaks Orthodontics. We’re conveniently located just minutes from downtown Denver, LoDo, LoHi, Wheatridge, Edgewater, Lakewood, and Arvada.