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How Do Teeth Move?

If you’ve already had orthodontic treatment, then you’ve already experienced the movement of your teeth. However, your orthodontist didn’t magically make your teeth straight with the wave of a wand. Instead, we used scientific processes to move your teeth into an ideal position for a straight and beautiful smile! Here’s how:

Teeth are comprised of two different parts; The root, which is below the gums, and the crown, which is above the gums. Each of your teeth connects to the jaw bone through a periodontal ligament. When orthodontic treatment is performed, the jawbone is restructured. Then, braces or other orthodontic equipment is used to push the tooth into position, and the periodontal ligaments in the tooth are either stretched or compressed. When the pressure on the ligaments changes, the blood flow to the area also changes. This distorts the fibers and cells in the ligament.

Procedures like this cause a variety of different things to happen within the jawbone, which change its structure and, in turn, resulting in your teeth moving.

Orthodontists usually achieve this movement by applying light pressure to the teeth for an extended period. If you have ever had braces or another orthodontic treatment, you know it can sometimes be painful and is often a very long process. Tooth movement also requires a healthy periodontal ligament, which can be achieved by practicing good oral hygiene to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you want to learn more about orthodontic treatment or are interested in straightening your teeth, the highly trained professionals at Speaks Orthodontists can help move your teeth into a desirable position. Contact us today!