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Headgear 101

What Is Headgear?

This orthodontic solution uses special appliances that operate in and outside the mouth to guide the teeth to a desired position. There are multiple types of headgear, and each is designed to work in specific scenarios based on the patient’s needs. The two corrective types of headgear are:

Cervical-Pull and High-Pull

The cervical-pull design is what most people think of when they hear the term “headgear.” This U-shaped appliance is used to correct an overbite by attaching a wire to bands on the back teeth, holding the upper jaw in place while the lower jaw can move outward. To keep the design in place, a single strap is worn behind the neck. The high-pull design is similar, but it uses straps that go behind the head and wrap around the back of the neck.

Reverse-Pull or “Facemask”

This design accomplishes the reverse operation of a cervical and high pull since it corrects an underbite. This appliance pulls the upper jaw forward until it matches the position of the lower jaw. The design consists of two pads on the forehead and chin that connect to a vertical frame that uses wires or elastic pieces that attach directly to the braces.

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There is no right or wrong type of headgear, only what your mouth needs to achieve a beautiful, perfect smile. For the best results, it’s important to consult with your orthodontist concerning which type of headgear is necessary, how long you will need to wear the appliance, and more. If you are experiencing an under or overbite, or desire other corrections regarding your smile, contact us to schedule a consultation! At Speaks Orthodontics, we are thrilled to offer treatment options that are as unique as your smile!