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How Do Retainers Work?

People with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can often have the problem corrected by using a dental retainer. The retainer puts pressure on the misaligned teeth and helps keep them properly repositioned. At Speaks Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of options for people who need retainers or other dental appliances to move their teeth into proper alignment.

Retainers are often used by people with misaligned teeth once they have removed their braces. The retainer holds the teeth in the new position and prevents them from returning to their original misaligned spot. This can play an important role in helping to straighten teeth. The orthodontists at Speaks Orthodontists have many years of experience correcting irregularities in people’s teeth as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The process begins with a thorough clinical exam that includes x-rays of the teeth, mouth and head and includes an in-depth analysis of the results.

At Speaks Orthodontists we can create custom-made, removable or fixed retainers to help reposition the teeth. They can be used in conjunction with braces or to address minor orthodontic problems. These retainers are typically made of clear plastic or rubber together with metal wires. They are placed on the teeth’s outside surface and must be worn 24 hours a day for about six months. After that, they are only worn when the patient is going to bed at night. The length of time the retainer is worn varies from one patient to another. The retainer holds the teeth in the new position until the bones, muscles and gums adapt to the change.

Our goal at Speaks Orthodontics is to create a warm, friendly environment while our board-certified orthodontist uses state-of-the-art techniques to provide our patients with the quality care they need to properly realign their teeth. We treat not just the teeth, but the entire patient. We work to give them a great smile they will happily display forever. Our cutting-edge orthodontic treatments help patients get the great smile they want in as little time as possible. We also give our patients the option of using Invisalign® clear aligners which remain virtually invisible while straightening their teeth.

If you are ready for effective teeth straightening services, contact us today. We accept Medicaid and most other insurance plans and can help give you an amazing smile. Don’t let crooked teeth stop you from showing your dazzling smile. We can help!