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Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

Have you wondered if it is necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed? It seems as though it is a rarity to find anyone who still has all four of their wisdom teeth. Having wisdom teeth extracted is so common that it’s almost becoming a right of passage into adulthood. If wisdom teeth are not causing you any harm or pain and they do not show any issues with placement on an x-ray, then your dentist will more than likely make a recommendation to not have them removed. However, there are some situations where it is completely necessary to have them taken out. A few examples include:


When the teeth become impacted and have trouble breaking through the jaw into the mouth. Impaction could happen for a variety of reasons. Your mouth could be too small to make room to make room for the incoming set of teeth, or the teeth could be growing at an angle and damaging the existing teeth.

Jaw Function Impairment

Oftentimes, cysts can start to form around new teeth. If the problem is not corrected, nerve function can be impacted.

Sinus Problems

Newly erupted wisdom teeth can be cause for the occasional sinus pressure, pain and nasal congestion.


When the gums become swollen around the area of the newly formed teeth, gaps can form between the teeth and become a breeding ground for bacteria.


Impacted teeth can cause the pre-existing teeth to crowd together and mess up your alignment.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth removal or if you are a candidate, contact us today. If there is a medical necessity behind removing them, you should also consider that there are some risks involved with having oral surgery. We are happy to go over these at your next appointment!