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Signs You Need Braces

Most people need braces, and some people just want them for a more attractive smile. Here’s what to watch out for if you are someone that might need them!

Problems with Chewing or Biting Your Food

Have you ever made yourself a nice lunch or dinner only to find that chewing your food is becoming more difficult? You may find it easier to eat soup than a nice, juicy steak or even a burger. If chewing your food is becoming more problematic, you may need braces. You can work with an orthodontist to put in braces that will repair your teeth.

Crowded or Misplaced Teeth

Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw that your teeth are rather crowded or some teeth are smashing into others? You may even have extra teeth in your mouth that make your smile look crowded.

If you have misplaced teeth or you are very unhappy with your smile when you look into that mirror, you may need to get braces to repair your smile. Our orthodontists can even get you light-colored braces that will fix your teeth while ensuring your new smile is attractive during the process.

Your Jaw Has an Overbite, Shifts, or Makes Noise

If you have found that you have an overbite or your jaw actually shifts and makes sounds, you could benefit from getting braces. Otherwise, these issues may only become more severe over time.

Your teeth may even be shaped in such a way that you end up accidentally biting your cheek or hurting the roof of your mouth on a regular basis. With braces, these problems can be fixed. You will no longer have a jaw that makes sounds and you’ll be less likely to bite your cheek accidentally.

Getting your teeth diagnosed earlier rather than later can be beneficial for your long-term dental health. If you think your children may need braces, they can usually be evaluated at around age 10 to 13 after their baby teeth have fallen out.

We can help you ensure your smile is amazing and your teeth no longer cause problems when chewing. Contact us today and we will schedule you for a consultation!