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  • First Orthodontic Visit: What to Expect
    First Orthodontic Visit: What to Expect

    Your First Orthodontic Visit If you’re reading this, you’ve probably gone ahead and made your consultation appointment for orthodontics—congratulations! At Speaks Orthodontics, our greatest goal is to ...

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  • Oral Care for Toddlers
    Oral Care for Toddlers

    Teaching Your Toddler about Dental Hygiene When your little one’s baby teeth are starting to fall out and their permanent set is making its way to the surface, it’s important to teach them about the ...

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  • Signs You May Have a Cavity
    Signs You May Have a Cavity

    Is Your Toothache Actually Tooth decay? You're enjoying your favorite sweet treat when you feel a sharp pain in your tooth mid-chew. You may have a cavity on your hands. Cavities , also known as tooth ...

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  • When is the
    When is the "Right" Age for Braces?

    Remember when you were a kid and had to get braces? If you were like most kids back then, you probably thought your life was over. But if you fell into the other small percentage, you took it all in ...

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  • Benefits of Early Orthodontics
    Benefits of Early Orthodontics

    Early Orthodontic Treatments Early orthodontic treatment for your child offers a variety of benefits for your child. Braces not only work to straighten teeth but are also effective in helping to avoid ...

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  • Foods for Strong Teeth
    Foods for Strong Teeth

    4 Surprising Foods for Strong Teeth We all know sugar is bad for our teeth, but did you know there’s food that’s also good for our teeth? Following a balanced diet isn’t only good for our waistlines. ...

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