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Worst Foods for Your Dental Health

We’ve mentioned before that there are certain foods that are great for your dental health and can help keep your chompers clean. But, on the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of foods that can put your teeth at risk of developing cavities, chipping, or worse.


These are some of the worst foods for your dental health — try to avoid them when you can.

Dried Fruit

While a lot of people assume dried fruits are a healthy alternative to sugary snacks — they are to some extent — they also are very sticky and chewy. These snacks can easily get stuck in the small gaps between your child’s teeth and cause cavities to develop. Plus, they’re also often coated in sugar, which is never good for dental health.

Sour Candy

Of course, you know candy is never good for your teeth, but sour candies pack an extra punch. Not only are they filled with sugar, but the little crystals that make the candy sour are very acidic. They stick to your teeth longer and can even cause enamel to break down.

Carbonated Drinks

Everyone loves a bubbly beverage now and then, but drinking a lot of soda can have serious effects on your dental health. The sugar in soda can cause plaque to develop on your teeth as well as wear down your enamel and cause cavities.


Do you know anyone who likes to chomp on ice once they’re finished their drinks? While it may seem refreshing, chewing ice can wear down your enamel and even cause you to chip or crack your teeth.

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